Wood Creek Golf Community Delmar, Maryland
Wood Creek Golf CommunityDelmar, Maryland

Wood Creek Golf Links

Eastern Golf, LLC has relocated the Pro Shop to Executive Club Drive, near the South Entrance of Wood Creek. They have remodeled the west end of the maintenance building to accommodate the new Pro Shop. This is a very positive move from the golfers standpoint and has helped the entire community by making the course very playable. This allows the golf course to start golfers on multiple tees (holes 1 and 10). The course can now accommodate more players. This new routing has made the final hole number 18 a very strong finishing hole.


Course Website:  www.easterngolfllc.com


Pro Shop phone number:  443.359.5718





Course/HOA members:

     Free to walk 9 or 18 holes

     $6 cart fee for 9 holes

     $12 cart fee for 18 holes



     $10 for 9 holes w/ cart

     $20 for 18 holes w/ cart


(Note: fees subject to change - contact Pro Shop to verify)



Notice to Residents & Visitors:


Do NOT walk out onto

the golf course!


For your own safety, we do not want anyone suffering injury from getting hit by a golf ball.  Golfers are not expecting random people to be walking around the course.


For the sake of maintenance, please do not enter the boundaries of the course... no adults, no children, no pets, no bikes.  Any damage to the course features hinders play and the viability of the course itself... and any interruption in the management of the course directly affects our home values.


Thank you for your cooperation in helping make Wood Creek a great community!



Charlie Palmer -

HOA Board Vice President


Jack Lenox -

Chairperson for the Architectural Review Committee (ARC)


Lloyd Unsell

Chairperson for the Finance and Budget Committee

Important HOA documents (including past HOA budgets) 


Please use this link to access our HOA Documents page in order to dowload important documents in pdf format: 


HOA Documents



The fobs that you currently have in your possession may no longer work.  New fobs or reactivation of old fobs, if possible, will be issued to homeowners who are up-to-date on their Facilities dues.  


Please contact the Pro Shop to order your new fobs or request activation of your old fobs, if possible.  


The Pro Shop can be reached at: 443.359.5718



PLEASE DO NOT turn on your sprinklers on your own.  Homeowner interference has caused some of the valves to break and have to be replaced, leading to further delays in repairing sections of the sprinkler system throughout the community.


Also, please be aware of the sprinkler heads located in the grass near your driveway - please do not drive over them - it will damage them.



Please click here for an important safety notice.  Please be safe when using our community pool!



The Wood Creek HOA is a non-profit organization and we welcome any donation of time and talents to our community. If you would like to support us, please check out the Committees page for more information.



Check out our Events page to find out what's happening in Wood Creek!


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