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Wood Creek Golf Community         Delmar, Maryland

The Wood Creek List

This page is intended to be like "Angie's List"... a place where you can inform neighbors about contractors you have dealt with for you home in Wood Creek who do good work for a fair price. See the first comment below for details...


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  • Armajeanne (Monday, November 27 17 12:10 pm EST)

    Need help with holiday decorating, shopping, gift wrapping, in-home small event planning? I'm your neighbor on Tournament Drive, and I can help. 301-542-7865

  • Mike M (Monday, February 01 16 01:21 pm EST)

    I am new to the community, and would first like so say hello to everyone! Im very happy to be here!

    I am in need of some outdoor minor repairs, I bought a foreclosure that needs some TLC. Thanks a million!

  • Amanda Straight (Wednesday, June 18 14 09:11 am EDT)

    I tried to call Lane Stutzman and Russell Smart and both numbers are incorrect ...I also tried Richard Herman multiple times with messages and I haven't heard anything so of all of the people I would
    encourage Spicer Brothers

  • Jan Caldwell (Tuesday, April 08 14 01:31 pm EDT)

    My internet service keeps dropping off. I have tried Verizon and Comcast with the same problem. Who do I try next or is this a problem for our area that I must accept?

  • Holli Houdek (Saturday, January 11 14 01:01 pm EST)

    I know a lot of pipes are busting all over Wood Creek including my own. I know of 6 pipes on executive alone. Insurance companies are so back up as well as clean up crews. I used Donna w/ TNP out of
    Mardela at 410-251-1742 and in 10 mins she had approval from my insurance to clean up and had her crew at my house. They also do all the repairs and handle all the paperwork. She has even arranged
    for hotel accommodations til adjuster comes and they can begin work. They are swamped also but working through the nights to get it done. Remember mold starts in 2 days so u need quick service. Other
    companies told me they may make it by Saturday just to look.

  • Lloyd Unsell (Thursday, February 07 13 04:27 pm EST)

    Need some work done to your home, such as replacing siding or eave flashing? Here's two names to contact, from homeowner comments on our Facebook page:
    Richard Herman, 443-944-3169 and Lane Stutzman, 443-397-3592

  • Jill and Paul Braungart (Monday, January 14 13 01:16 pm EST)

    Highly recommend Russell Smart for home repairs.


  • Ron Pagano (Friday, July 20 12 05:40 pm EDT)

    Richard's parents moved into the house next door, which is how I met him, after seeing the work he didd for his Dad (window and new A/C unit installed, etc). I have used Richard to install my
    Sunsetter awning, a new dryer vent and new outside spigot line on the side of my house. His pricing was very reasonable and his work was excellent. I am looking forward to using him for several other
    jobs. You can reach him directly: Richard Herman, 443.944.3169

  • Jill Braungart (Friday, June 15 12 11:11 am EDT)

    Spicer Brothers in Salisbury,md.--highly recommended by my neighbor.


Notices to Residents & Visitors:

The Wicomico County Leash Law and the Wood Creek HOA Declaration and Covenants require

dog owners to ​pick up after their pets and keep them on a leash at all times when they are walking throughout the neighborhood.  We love our furry neighbors, but we all need to keep Wood Creek clean and be courteous to our neighbors.  Thank you!

Please do NOT walk out

onto or ride bikes on

the golf course!


For your own safety, we do not want anyone suffering injury from getting hit by a golf ball.

Golfers are not expecting random people to be walking around the course.


For the sake of maintenance, please do not enter the boundaries of the course... no adults, no children, no pets, no bikes.  Any damage to the course features hinders play and the viability of the course itself... and any interruption in the management of the course directly affects our home values.


Thank you for your cooperation in helping make Wood Creek a great community!



Charlie Palmer -

Chairperson of the Oversight Committee


Jack Lenox -

Chairperson of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC)


Lloyd Unsell

Chairperson for the Golf Committee

Important HOA documents (including past HOA budgets) 


Please use this link to access our HOA Documents page in order to dowload important documents in pdf format: 


HOA Documents



As the new pool season approaches, please test your key fobs on the Clubhouse main double doors to verify that they work.  Reactivation of key fobs will be issued to homeowners who are up-to-date on their Facilities dues.  


Please contact the Pro Shop to request activation of your key fobs.


The Pro Shop can be reached at: 443.359.5718



PLEASE DO NOT turn on your sprinklers on your own.  Homeowner interference has caused some of the valves to break and have to be replaced, leading to further delays in repairing sections of the sprinkler system throughout the community.


Also, please be aware of the sprinkler heads located in the grass near your driveway - please do not drive over them - it will damage them - replacement is costly and time consuming.



Please click here for an important safety notice.  Please be safe when using our community pool!



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